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Hi! I'm Lina Ciari. in 2011, I began doing what's called a Nuzlocke Comic - a comic based on my experience playing a Pokémon challenge run. But mine was different: instead of playing an official Pokémon game, my Nuzlocke was for a rom hack - a modified version - that replaces the little critters with characters from the Touhou Project.
Sometime after that, I began to grow... ashamed of the comic. Many things about it did not reflect the person I had become. So I quietly erased all trace of it from the internet. But in the back of my mind, I always had this desire to go back to it, perhaps edit the comic to make it more up to my current standards. And well... I finally went and did that! So now everyone can enjoy it once more. Or for the first time, if you've never read it back then!

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The comic is divided into two Seasons:
Season One (completed) follows the story of the brash up-and-coming trainer Amber and her rival - another, more level-headed Amber from an alternate dimension - as they take on the gym challenge, fight a crime syndicate, and uncover a plot to destroy the world. It's funny, it's heart-wrenching, and it's pretty dark at times. The game being played is Touhoumon Aqua+Yui, by Aquamentis.
Season Two (abandoned) is the story of Lyla, a young scientist who reluctantly becomes a trainer alongside her childhood friend Derek. An older and wiser Amber is around too, and the group gets tangled up in a conspiracy involving criminal groups, the Devon Corporation, and the Touhou League. There's also a mysterious lady with green hair walking around. For this one, I played an early version of Touhoumon Purple, by Mille Marteaux.

Before you decide to start reading, though, I have to give you a few Content Warnings. The comic often deals with some pretty heavy subject matter, so be prepared and prioritize your mental health, please.
- Violence, blood and gore;
- LOTS of character death, often gratuitous and seemingly pointless - these hacks are hard and I'm not very good at Nuzlockes, it turns out;
- PTSD and trauma;
- Frequent use of the word "bitch", which some may consider a slur;
- Sexual harrassment and one attempted assault.

If you can deal with all that, feel free to read on!
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Touhou Project is property of Team Shanghai Alice. This is a fan-made project not affiliated with either.